How Does Novillo Work?

Novillo is a platform designed to help lead buyers get genuine leads for their businesses from reliable lead providers. And thus, in other words, or vice-versa, Novillo helps digital marketing agencies reach out to interested customers who want to buy leads. Novillo has a built-in feature where marketing agencies can display their leads with base prices along with the bidding option. So, buyers can either buy leads by paying base prices or bid something higher for high priorities; it ensures profit maximization for sellers and consumer surplus for buyers. Furthermore, Novillo is the common interface that virtually connects both buyers and sellers of leads to freely interact with each other. The platform facilitates free interactions with the help of base price and bidding features. Base prices are set by sellers while buyers can bid higher than base values just to get high priorities. This way, both parties can act effortlessly in the best of their interests.

How to use ?

Advertisement agencies create accounts with Novillo and enter into an agreement. Virtual numbers are allocated to such advertisers to run various lead-generating campaigns and other activities. After such allocation, advertisers can create campaigns on the Novillo platform with base price per lead. Novillo platform lists the campaigns submitted on the panel with base prices, which can go up with the bidding option if a buyer wants to get a high priority. For more information, you can get in touch and avail of 24/7 technical assistance.