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Get Qualified Leads to Grow Fast with Novillo

Novillo is a virtual platform that facilitates free commercial interactions between lead sellers and buyers in the best of their interests. On one hand, agencies from across various industries use Novillo to find the right buyers for their leads. And on another, buyers reach out to the same platform as well in search of qualified leads.

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Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephonyis a type of unified communications as a service (UCaaS) that offers voice communication services through a third-party host. UCaaS replaces the need for conventional enterprise telephone systems, such as private branch exchange (PBX). With the help of Cloud Telephony, you can make calls using the Internet.

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Benefits of Using IVR Services

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services offer a range of benefits that streamline communication and enhance customer interactions. One of the key advantages is efficient call management.

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How Does It Work?

Novillo serves basically at two different levels. On one hand, it helps advertising companies display their leads for sale. On the other hand, it helps people who are interested bid and buy such qualified leads displayed for sale.

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